Sunday, 25 December 2011

Kit Review - Collapsible Beauty Dish

Christmas Day saw the arrival of Speedlight Pro Kit's collapsible beauty dish.

Here is an overview and summary of its capabilities compared to a solid beauty dish:

The kits comes in a flat bag about the same size as an LP cover.

The dish is a bit fiddly to construct and the instructions are not much help, but once it's assembled, it seems quite logical how it goes together.

The first thing to note is that it is a cone NOT a parabola and this is evident in the spread of light when shooting (see later).

The first shot was taken with the diffusing screen off and the translucent cup reflector attached:

Note the spread of light only hits about half the cone.

For the second shot I added the diffusion screen:

For the third shot, I used the silver cup reflector and no diffusion screen:

And for the fourth shot I added the diffusion screen:

I then used the solid beauty dish without and then with the diffusion screen:


For me the nearest 2 comparables are silver cup and diffusion screen on:

You decide which you like the best but, in terms of beauty dishes:

The one on the left cost £77.50 and flattens to a little larger than A3;
The one on the right cost £85.00 and doesnt!

Happy Christmas!

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