Saturday, 26 November 2011

How it's done - glamour glow in photoshop

In our series of "how it's done" and especially because we are concentrating on Boudoir at the moment, we thought we'd share a little photoshop sequence to get the added glamour glow effect to your images.  So:-

here is the original finished image to which we will add the glamour glow effect.

1.  Firstly, make a copy of the layer and change the blending more to "overlay":

2.  Next select Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur.  Select a percentage of blur that softens  the image but leaves the features discernable - we used 20% in this example:

3.  Now we have lost a lot of detail in the darker areas that we need to bring back and just leave the glow effect on the skin.  Select a layer mask and using a black brush, paint out the darker areas to being the detail back, especially in the hair:

4.  Finally, to take some of the orange out of the skin, with the mask selected - "create new fill or adjustment layer" - "vibrance". Adjust to taste - we used -40 on the vibrance:

5.  Before & after:

Try that sequence a few times then save it as an action - good luck!!

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