Friday, 18 November 2011

More Portrait Course images and feedback...

from Terry the tutor(ttt!):

Everyone on the portrait workshop had a great time, lots of humour and co-operation.

Models: Becky, Malcolm and Katie & Mark.

I started out with demonstrating the various lighting positions, highlighting the shadows, if indeed you can highlight shadows?

Day 1 concentrated on studio lighting using grids for carving light, beauty lighting with a 1m softbox and tri-flector. We also set a 1940/1950's lighting set. There was a chess player and poker player sets.

We moved on using a speedlight for texture lighting with Malcolm against the stone room wall, pulling out the texture on the wall.

Day 2 started with balancing ambient light outside.  We later moved on to fisherman sets, couple and Becky for ambient portraiture using speedlights.

The tight crop portrait shots of Malcolm with the fishing rod etc were shot with just a silver reflector.

From Alan Roderick:

"The Portrait course was a great two days. Terry's instruction and enthusiasm helped deliver the key messages and had all of us re-assessing how we could use light to achieve the results we wanted. Lots of time to practice and shoot a variety of models and different settings. Learnt a lot !!! And now practising like mad, so that I can encourage Terry to do a Part 2 soon."

Nice gritty shot by Malcolm - well done!

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